Painting.....Therapy for my Creative Brain

Painting.....Therapy for my Creative Brain

Having a creative brain can often be incredibly frustrating.  I have big dreams and tons of ideas running through my brain at all times.  Literally, at all times!  I sit at my desk and find it hard to focus during the day because my brain is wanting to create.   I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about chair placement for a clients living room or a wall color that I am just craving for!  So, what I like to do to relieve my creative brain is paint or sketch

Yep, something else to do, but I love it and I find it to be a calming release for me.  Painting really is my therapy.  I don’t even have to have wine while I paint.  LOL   I just like to sit and smear lots of colors together.  Sometimes it turns out pretty decent and sometimes I just say “what the heck is that supposed to be?”  Either way, I can always calm my nerves and my brain gets a release when I paint or sketch.  I am hoping to start a new line of paintings. Lots of people like my little love birds and have requested a way to purchase them. I hope to eventually recreate some of my paintings that you will be able to purchase for your own space.  Recently I was asked to paint an angel.  That will be new for me, but this brain of mine already has the vision I just need to grab my brushes and find a quiet spot.

I think another reason why I am liking this blog thing is because I enjoy writing.   I have always wanted to write.  When I was a little girl I kept a diary and I bet I wrote in that thing every night some sort of drama, especially during my teen years.   I recently found my diary when we moved.  I sat down and read through some of it and thought to myself oh the things I used to stress about as a kid.  Boys, parents, friends, losing my beloved pets and I even found some early drawings.  I used to love to draw horses when I was a teenager, but as an adult finding the time to draw has been few and far between.   You know how life just seems to happen and after college, marriage and children I have found it very difficult to find the time to write, sketch, and paint.   Geezzz, no wonder my brain stays so stressed.   I have so many irons in the fire.   I have a day job that pays me, a family to care for, civic responsibilities, and my hobby that I am trying to switch into a money making business.   My sister and I have rental property that we manage and my father is in poor health.  I am spread pretty thin, but somehow I manage to get it all taken care of by remembering to just take one day at a time. 

 So now, with all that being said, I am forcing myself to find at least one hour a day to work on my business.  I want to use this creative brain to not only make things pretty but to serve others.  I want to serve the people that follow my social media outlets and people in my community that ask me things like “how do I make a wreath?” or “what color should I paint my dining room walls?”  I love teaching and helping others.  I hope that this blog will serve as an outlet for me to do just that, teach and inspire and help distress my creative brain.  LOL   I can’t promise you everything, but I can give you a little bit of something I hope you can take and use in your life or in your home.

Love, blessings and be creative! – B


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