My space to inspire, create and decorate

My space to inspire, create and decorate

Do you ever want to just escape from it all?  What I mean by “all”, I mean all of the craziness that life can bring and all of the drama that others like to share with you.   Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love all my people.  My family, my friends, my coworkers, my clients, but I need a place where I can escape all of this, a place that is silent, a place that I can shut the door and be alone.   Yes, ALONE!!   As a busy working mama, I desperately needed a space to call my own in our home. 

Now, some will say that this house is mostly all mine so why would I need “my own” space or room.  While that is somewhat true, I feel like the house is our family space.   This is our home, where we lounge on the sofa together and watch tv, where we eat dinner together and where we entertain guests.   We use every inch of this house for something.  The upstairs is the main living area and where we spend most of our time.  The basement has a totally different feeling.   While the upstairs is more formal and polished, the basement is a true hangout.  

Our basement is 2000 finished square feet, it’s basically another house down there.  The great thing about the space is that the floorplan allows my husband to have his own den to display music memorabilia, the big tv and of course the beloved ping pong table.   On the other end of the basement is another living space with a den, bedroom and full bathroom, this is where my teenager resides.   In the middle is another small sitting area and a second small bedroom, my space! 

My space, my home office, mamas’ room, the girl’s hangout, whatever you want to call it, it is all me.  In the beginning it served as a catch all room and was filled with mix matched hand me down furniture that I couldn’t part with, a brand-new futon that my son didn’t want in his space and all of my craft projects and craft junk.   Needless to say, it was a hot mess in there!   Oh, and it had funky shag carpet from the original owners.  Funky!  It was a funky little room full of junk in need of some serious attention.   

Once I had the room cleared of all the clutter, I knew that the carpet had to go.   So that’s when I started searching all things Pinterest for some inspiration.   I wasn’t sure the direction of the décor in the space but I did want it to be a reflection of my style.   My style is ever evolving and I love everything.   I didn’t want it to look like an ordinary home office.   I wanted it to be a spot where I can grow my Embellish business.   I needed a space that would be aesthetically pleasing as a background for my videos for social media.  I wanted an organized spot for all of my craft items and yet still be a space that would offer a comfortable spot to sit and write, meet with clients or even sneak away for a nap.

I chose a deep shade of purple for the focal wall, a modern desk with chrome accents, a small armless upholstered black chair and of course a faux fur rug!   I found some black and white contemporary canvas prints at Kirkland’s and added some purple paint.  Remember the brand-new futon that we bought for my son?  Well it isn’t exactly what I wanted but it will work for now, so it is on the opposite wall.  Honestly, it may come in handy if we have overflow overnight guests, they can sleep in my office.  So, it serves as a dual-purpose space.    I decorated the wall above the futon with paper flowers that I made.   Go to my Facebook page to see the video on how to make the paper flowers.   They turned out really cute and added some interesting flair.   I dressed the windows with cheap sheers that I used liquid stitch to glue on a pom pom trim.   They are super cute!!   I have some additional storage with a small cubby that also holds my printer and office supplies.   All in all, as of now I am pleased with the finished room.   I know that I still want to add in some more art and maybe another small functional furniture piece.  I am enjoying the space for my blogging, meeting with clients and some quiet time to reflect on my day.  My space, my home office, mamas’ room, the girl’s hangout, whatever you want to call it, it is all me.  My space to inspire, create and decorate.  ~ B

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